Founded in 2002, Atlantia has grown into a leader in the Canadian technology accessories market. While striving for success and looking towards the future we have always focused on following our core values. We craft holistic relationships with our partners and help them grow and flourish by sharing our market expertise and passion for tech accessories.

We develop and grow our technology accessory brands not just locally but across Canada. When you partner with us, our dedicated sales reps, creative marketing associates and efficient logistics experts will be there to assist you every step of the way. 



We provide customized services and innovative solutions to all our partners. Our state-of-the-art distribution facility was built in 2019 and is equipped with both advanced safety and software technology.  We are able to accept orders on our website or through EDI with SPS Commerce.

We customize shipping to suit your needs and provide fast and efficient services to all regions in Canada. We add value at every level of our distribution process and go beyond simply packing and shipping boxes.





Learn more about the causes Atlantia supports: 

World Partnership Walk

Canadian Cancer Society, BC

Canadian Mental Health Association

Canadian Red Cross

Harvest Project